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About Us

Living the Dream.

Hi! We are Randy and Angela Rhodes. We are so excited to help you get on the water this summer!


Randy started windsurfing at age 9 in the Florida panhandle. He was immediately hooked, and started racing one design, while working at his local windsurfing shop. After college Randy made his way to Hood River for the first time. For seven epic Hood River summers, Randy taught windsurfing lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced, and even a few loop lessons. A few seasons working at windsurfing resorts in Aruba and Baja, and Randy found himself teaching windsurfing, and managing the local windsurfing shop in Corpus Christi, TX for the next 15 years. Now more than 2 decades since he first splashed into the Columbia River, Randy is stoked to be living in Hood River with his family full time.


Angela grew up with windsurfing in her blood. Childhood summers spent at Colorado reservoirs hanging around while her family rented windsurfing gear, and weekends traveling to local windsurf club races. In high school she joined Team USA, a youth formula windsurfing development team, and had the incredible opportunity to travel to huge windsurfing events in Portugal, Thailand, and Canada. Around the same time Angela started teaching windsurfing lessons at her local lake, and continued to teach windsurfing lessons of all ages even after becoming a registered nurse.

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